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8292 Recovery - Hobart Grove Centre
8292 Recovery - Hobart Grove Shopping Centre

8292 Recovery

Have you popped in to see 8292 Recovery? Our new store offers a range of health and wellness services to help you feel your best. From invigorating ice baths and expert chiropractic care to specialized trauma release exercises and soothing sports massages, we’ve got everything you need for recovery and rejuvenation.

Our mission is to provide our members and the surrounding community with easy access to comprehensive health and wellness services all in one convenient location.

Visit us on the 1st Floor at Hobart Grove Centre, Bryanston, and discover what 8292 Recovery can do for you.

What do we offer:

  • Ice Baths
  • Chiropractics
  • Trauma Release Exercises
  • Sports Massage

Email: recovery@8292.co.za

Call: 060 335 8676

Whatsapp: 072 333 0005