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BODYTEC Bryanston

BODYTEC offers Specialised Whole-body, low-impact-high-intensity strength training, activating up to 90% of your muscles simultaneously. With the use of our next generation EMS (Electro-Musculsar-Stimulation) technology you can do resistance training without the added stress on the joints, in addition to the benefit of getting increased blood flow and circulation throughout your workout. Clock up to 3 hours’ worth of conventional gym training in just One 20min session once a week.

The Benefits from EMS training are:  

  • Increased Muscle tone and definition
  • Increased Strength and Strength Endurance
  • Increased Hypertrophy (muscle growth)
  • Increased Speed, Agility and Response times
  • Reduction of Lower back pain and Balancing of muscular Imbalances
  • Reduction of Body fat
  • Postural correctionODYTEC