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Simply Asia, asian food ramen, dumblings, noodles
Simply Asia, asian food, sushi, ramen
Simply Asia, sushi, noodles, food, asian food

Simply Asia

Think Thai for a change, Think Simply Asia – South Africa’s trendiest Thai Food and Noodle Bar.

Exotic taste sensations that leave us wanting more is something we’ve come to expect from our favourite Thai brand. Simply Asia is the dining alternative that immediately springs to mind when craving delectable and colourful cuisine. Known for being bold and flavoursome with a harmonious blend of spices, Thai food is equally satisfying to the palette, eyes and sense of smell.

Each Simply Asia Thai Food and Noodle Bar Chef’s have received extensive training in the preparation of each authentic dish before being placed in the store. This ensures that the quality of food is maintained throughout all Simply Asia restaurants nationally.

Authentic, healthy, fresh and delectable are words that evoke interest with diners enthusiastic about food trends, rich flavours and exciting new culinary experiences.